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In a Hobie, kayaking doesn't get any better.

No matter where you go, you can't go wrong with a Hobie Mirage Drive kayak.  Dominate fresh or salt water with these superior pedal drive kayaks.  

Hobie Fishing Anchor

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  • Mirage Revolutions 11, 13

  • Mirage Compass

  • Mirage Outback

  • Mirage Pro Angler 12

  • Mirage Pro Angler 14

  • Mirage Inflatables i9S, i11S, i12S

2022 Model Year Mirage Drive Differences

NEW! Kick-up fin technology

The Hobie line of Mirage Drive kayaks is more extensive than ever. Entry-priced models (Hobie Passports) make a quality, fin-style pedal drive available to a broader audience. The MD 360 drive delivers ultimate boat control and maneuverability at the high end. This article will help you select a kayak with the best MirageDrive for your needs. 


Hobie's patented Kick-Up Fin technology provides for care-free kayaking. Logs, kelp, shallows, rocks? No problem. Our fins automatically "kick up" on impact. As a result, we bring you closer to nature and further from the hustle and bustle. Underwater hazards like tree stumps, boulders, or sharp transitions to shallow water have always caused problems for boaters. Before kick-up technology for Mirage Drive users, running into an underwater hazard could result in a bent fin mast (the rod that extends down from the front of the fins). Hobie's kick-up fin technology automatically protects the drive when you bump into an underwater hazard. This technology is available on all of the 2022 Mirage drives. The kick-up fin feature is exclusive to Hobie MirageDrives.

How the Hobie MirageDrive work

This animation shows a MirageDrive in action. The fin drive mimics the way penguins swim. Hobie invented this technology and has refined it over two decades. For 2022, there are three versions of the MirageDrive. No other pedal or fin style drive on the market can even come close to the quality and functionality of a Hobie drive.

hobie mirage drive gt

The GT MirageDrive is based on the original Hobie drive but much improved. It propels your kayak forward as you pedal. This drive is used on entry-level kayaks from Hobie in 2022. Glide technology with stainless steel roller bearings delivers smooth, efficient pedal power. Kick-up fins prevent damage to the fins and drive masts.  Only Hobie Mirage drives have the kick-up fin feature.

MirageDrive GT with Glide Technology

Hobie Mirage Drive MD 180

Mirage Drive MD 180 with Forward and Reverse

The 180 has levers that change the direction of the fins allowing forward or reverse without changing your pedaling motion. Instead of wide turns or using a paddle to reverse, you pull the shifter to switch from forward to reverse or reverse to forward. It's fast and easy. Also, the pedal arms are quickly and easily adjustable to accommodate your leg length. All Mirage drives have kick-up fin technology.


MirageDrive 360 Technology.

Move your kayak in any direction quickly - forward, backward, sideways, and every degree in between. It's the ultimate in boat control for kayak anglers who need to hold a spot or position their kayak perfectly to target fish. Available exclusively on the Pro Angler 12 360 Series and Pro Angler 14 360 Series for 2022.

2022 Hobie Kayaks MirageDrive Guide

We've listed the entire Hobie Kayaks line models for 2022, and what drive(s) are included. If you have any questions, call us at 865-376-0793, and we'll answer any questions.

Hobie Passport kayaks with Mirage Drive

Passport Kayaks MirageDrive

The MirageDrive GT with Glide Technology & Kick-Up Fins powers the Passport 10.5ft. and 12.0ft. Hobie is world renowned for designing pedal kayaks that are fun and functional. The Mirage® Passport® is equipped with Hobie's patented Kick-Up Fin technology for care-free kayaking. The Passport takes you anywhere you want to go with ease and world-class authority. Every feature is designed with your entertainment in mind. Sail open water or fish the flats. Hobie made sure you can do both, thanks to the vertical accessory tube and molded-in rod holders. Dual mounting tracks keep your accessories within reach, while the 8" Twist-n-Seal Hatch provides extra storage. The easy-to-use steering system and simplified version of our twist-and-stow rudder put navigation at your fingertips and a smile on your face. A paddle is included for times when you want that extra arm workout.

Hobie Lynx kayak with Mirage Drive

Lynx Model Kayak MirageDrive

The ultra lite Lynx kayaks are powered by the MirageDrive MD180, forward and reverse, with Kick-Up Fins. Relish the power of pedal propulsion in both forward and reverse. The effortless speed of the MirageDrive 180 with Kick-Up Fins combined with the streamlined, sleek hull of the Lynx make for a truly epic ride. Kick it up a notch as you swiftly skim across the water's surface, carving turns and leaving the world behind. The Lynx's flat-bottom design provides confidence-inducing stability and ultimate maneuverability. Less is more when it comes down to construction. Lightweight materials meet optimal performance with ACE-TEC Technology, perfect for a weekend of exploring. Weighing in at only 47 lbs. and equipped with rear loading skid pads, easily throw it on the roof of your car for uncomplicated transport. The best seat in the house, designed for comfort with breathable mono-mesh, is elevated to keep you dry all day. The wide bow creates a smoother ride and ample storage for your gear. Meticulously crafted with molded tracks and an accessory mount, make it yours with our Sail Kit, Bimini Sunshade, and other upgrades.

Hobie Compass Kayak with Mirage Drive

Compass Model Kayak MirageDrive

Simplicity defined, the Mirage Compass is powered by the MirageDrive 180 pedal system and Kick-Up Fins. Patented Kick-Up Fin Technology takes the worry out of kayaking in shallow, structure-filled waters by automatically retracting upon impact. Experience forward and reverse pedal propulsion with Hobie's Square Tip Fins. New for 2022 is an anodized aluminum alloy frame seat offering incredible comfort, durability, and breathability with mono mesh and ripstop nylon construction. The Compass offers maximum stability, an oversized cockpit, and a flat deck for standing. A sharp turning radius makes this fishing kayak nimble in tight quarters yet able to speed over open water in a stealthy fashion. Kayak fishing features include pre-installed rod holders, H-Track accessory mounts, and a transducer cavity ready for you to install a Lowrance® fishfinder. For a stealthy look, upgrade to the Compass Camo package that is outfitted with Kick-Up Turbo Fins and comes in Camo color.

Hobie Compass Duo with twin Mirage Drives

Compass Duo Model Kayak MirageDrive

Dual MirageDrives with Kick-Up Fins power the Compass Duo. Equipped with one MirageDrive 180 and one MirageDrive with Glide Technology, the Duo delivers a smooth and efficient ride for two in both forward and reverse. The Duo’s sleek hull design maximizes speed and stability while significantly reducing drag. The cockpit features comfortable, ergonomic seating, 4 Integrated H-Tracks for accessory mounting, and abundant above and below deck storage compartments to house gear for two. The sleek waterline and Kick-Up Rudder system make for an impressively nimble tandem kayak that’s highly responsive, easy to steer, and extremely durable. The roomy Compass Duo is simple to use and adventure-ready, making it the ideal choice for water outings with adults, tikes, and furry companions.

Hobie Outback kayas with Mirage Drive

Outback Model Kayak MirageDrive

This fully-loaded fishing machine is built for every conceivable fishing expedition, whether you're prowling the ocean for monster gamefish or stalking bass in your favorite freshwater fishing hole. Hobie has advanced the sport of kayak fishing with Kick-Up Fins that automatically retract upon impact. The extra-wide standing deck offers an improved casting platform and convenient vantage point for sight fishing, allowing for superior above-level vision. At the same time, the revolutionary Guardian Transducer Shield gives you a multidimensional concept below. The adjustable Vantage CTW seat provides 1.5" extra width and lumbar support for unmatched room and comfort for long days on the water. The Hobie H-Rail with integrated patented RAM® Hand-Track™ and numerous high-capacity storage compartments deliver the ultimate customization and organization in accessory mounting, ensuring that all of your gear is at your fingertips. Powered by the MirageDrive 180 with Kick-Up Turbo Fins, this fine-tuned angling vessel is highly versatile, fast, quiet, and nimble. Featuring our Kick-Up Rudder system with dual steering capabilities, combating drift and navigating tight water has never been easier.


Mirage Oasis Duo Model Kayak MirageDrive

The Oasis Duo is a stretched-out, spacious, performance-oriented kayak powered by the elegant, easy-to-use MirageDrive 180 + patented Kick-Up Fins. The Oasis Due is speedy and boasts a robust carrying capacity suitable for a weekend camping trip or fishing with enough gear to stock a tackle shop. In addition, there are four convenient hatches, a generous on-deck storage area, and molded-in rod holders. Designed for two, the Oasis gets the job done in style and comfort with the ultra-adjustable Vantage CT seating. Hobie’s Twist and Stow Rudder is there when you need it and gone when you don’t. Easily transport the Oasis to and from the water with ergonomic, molded-in carrying handles.

Hobie Oasis Duo

Mirage ITREK 9 Ultralight Inflatable Kayak

The Mirage iTrek 9 Ultralight inflatable is our lightest and most maneuverable pedal kayak. The iTrek 9 packs away in a convenient roller/backpack bag that allows you to store it in smaller spaces like an apartment, RV, or boat. Better yet, with a fitted weight of only 20 pounds, check it on a plane to your favorite travel destination. This inflatable transforms into a comfortable and maneuverable watercraft within minutes. The Mirage iTrek 9 Ultralight inflatable kayak is designed to help you reach remote waters with minimal hassle. Its diagonal drop-stitch construction inflates to 10 PSI, delivering the same rugged rigidity and nimble performance as our other platforms but in an unbelievably lightweight package. The MirageDrive GT features Kick-Up Fins and intuitive rudder control allowing the iTrek 9 Ultralight to turn on its axis and navigate tight waterways quickly. The adjustable elevated seat is lined with breathable mono mesh fabric, so you stay comfortable and cool no matter how long you’re on the water. The iTrek 9 Ultralight is fast, agile, and easily transportable - but we didn’t stop there. It’s versatile, too. Simply remove the MirageDrive and grab the three-piece SUP paddle, and your iTrek 9 is ready to be used as a stand-up platform. Again, Hobie made it easy to use and even easier to transport. This kayak comes with a high-pressure hand pump, electric pump, and a three-piece SUP paddle. The steering handle mounts on the left or right side of the seat. The iTrek 9 carries up to 350 lbs. Just add water!


Mirage ITREK 11 Inflatable Kayak

Built for everything from day trips to overnight escapes, this inflatable kayak with perched seating is the perfect choice for any adventure. Its high-performance, lightweight construction boasts the speed, stability, and tracking of a rigid kayak without the extra weight. With a fitted weight of only 28 pounds, this lightweight inflatable is easily packed away in a roller duffle bag. With everything you need all in one bag, skip the fuss and spend more time on the water. Ideal for RV, boat, and even airline travel! The iTrek 11 is unlike anything else on the water. Its unique design takes comfort to a new level, with elevated seating featuring a cup holder and breathable nano-mesh fabric.

Powered by the MirageDrive GT with Kick-Up Fins and an integrated rudder for dual steering, the iTrek 11 is fun, nimble, and lightning-fast. An ambidextrous steering system allows the steering handle to mount on the left or right side of the seat. A true workhorse, the ultra-stable iTrek 11 has a 400 lbs. carrying capacity. It features a rugged inflatable drop-stitch hull with triple-chamber construction, including EVA standing pads for improved traction. Attached to each side of the center chamber is a single-chamber pontoon providing you with an extra-wide platform for a stable ride. Its improved hull design increases total capacity, giving you plenty of room for all your gear. A four-piece paddle, high-pressure hand pump, electric pump, and drink holder are all included inside an easy-load rolling travel bag that’s portable, storable, and ready for your next adventure.


Mirage ITREK 14 Duo

This tandem inflatable pedal kayak has been redesigned with construction enhancements for increased durability and less weight for easy transport. The iTrek 14 Duo is powered by two MirageDrives with Glide Technology and patented Kick-Up Fins. Its new design takes comfort to a new level with breathable nano-mesh fabric seating equipped with cup holders. The new, vibrant colors are highly visible when you’re out on the water with your family. Enjoy everything from touring your tandem kayak to an all-day, multi-sport adventure. The iTrek 14 Duo comes with a wheeled storage bag designed for convenience with an extension handle, a high-pressure hand pump, and an electric pump for quick and easy hauling, storing and inflating.



If you want serious fun on your next family outing, look no further than the new Mirage iTrek Fiesta. This one-of-a-kind kayak is equipped with four comfortable seats and one easy-to-use steering system.   The Fiesta is powered by two MirageDrives with Glide Technology and Kick-Up Fins. For even more power, you can easily upgrade and add two more MirageDrives.


 The Fiesta is the most unique watercraft on the market today. Its high-tech, 550 denier, triple-chamber construction provides the same stability and rugged rigidity as a solid boat but in a lighter package. The Mirage Fiesta is fast and a party on the water - but we didn't stop there. It's versatile, too. Turn the front two seats to face the back for integrated social seating, making it the perfect watercraft for spending time on the water playing games or putting your feet up and hanging out. A three-piece SUP paddle, high-pressure hand pump, electric pump, and storage bag are all included, along with the four seats and two MirageDrives with Glide Technology + Kick-Up Fins. So let's get this party started!


Pro Angler 12 & 14 MirageDrive

PA 12

Experience full power reverse with the MirageDrive 180 with Kick-Up Turbo Fins. Logs, kelp? No problem. Our patented Kick-Up Fins “kickback” when contact is made with underwater obstacles. Keep a half-dozen rods rigged and ready in the four standard horizontal and two vertical rod holders for the ultimate kayak fishing adventure. Confidently stand and fire cast after cast. Equipped with the Guardian Transducer Shield, your transducer is protected on impact and retracts for transport while providing side scanning for optimal fishfinder performance. The ultra-comfortable, elevated Vantage ST seat makes it easy to stay out on the water all day and move around the boat. The Pro Angler 12 includes a retractable skeg for improved course-keeping and the innovative 12-sided Hobie H-Rail for superior flexibility in accessory rigging.

PA 14

The original Pro Angler fishing kayak packs extreme fishing utility, with six horizontal rod lockers, enough tackle compartments to empty a store, the Guardian Transducer shield for optimal fishfinder performance, and the revolutionary, forward and reversing MirageDrive 180 with Kick-Up Turbo Fins. Experience long days on the water with our ultra-comfortable, elevated and adjustable Vantage Seating system. For discerning anglers who demand it all - room, stability, performance, stealth, and comfort– the PA 14 stands alone. There’s a non-skid deck for standing—a huge advantage for sight kayak fishing—and veritable acres of H-Rail for mounting rod holders and electronics. All this on a spacious 14-foot platform, with no need for a gas tank.


Pro Angler 12 & 14 and Ike Edition 360 Series Kayak MirageDrive

PA 12 360

The Mirage Pro Angler 12 with the MirageDrive 360 and Kick-Up Fins gives you the competitive edge with full-circle power and maneuverability. With the revolutionary MirageDrive 360 and Kick-Up fins, move through the water without constraints, going exactly where you want to go. Effortlessly spin and move in every direction. Hobie’s patented Kick-Up Fins immediately retract on impact – even shallow areas are now entirely navigable. Logs, kelp, shallows, rocks? No problem. The PA 12 is packed full of features, including six-rod holders, fully adjustable and ultra-comfortable elevated Vantage ST seat with BOA lumbar support, Guardian retractable transducer shield, H-Rail for easy integration with accessories, front and center hatch with stain-resistant EVA grip pads, dual steering and extra wide hull for maximum stability.

PA 14 360

The Ultimate Fishing Machine. The Mirage Pro Angler 14 with the patented MirageDrive 360 and Kick-Up Fins delivers power in every direction for unprecedented maneuverability and control. Elite anglers are looking for everything in a fishing kayak – total control, strength, stability, performance, stealth, comfort, and feature - a truly unique experience. The PA 14 360's wide rock-solid standing platform comes with noise-reducing EVA traction pads. Explore wherever you want to go with Kick-Up fins that automatically retract upon impact. Hobie's ergonomic Vantage Seats take adjustability and breathability to a new level with Boa® system lumbar support technology that provides unrivaled comfort for a full day on the water. Dual steering, Guardian Retractable Transducer Shield, and an extra-wide beam allow long days on the water. Mount your rod holders and electronics on the 12-sided Hobie H-Rail bars. Staying on top of the fish has never been easier.



Hobie and professional bass angler Mike Iaconelli have teamed up to deliver the Mirage Pro Angler 14 360 Mike Iaconelli Edition. Detonating in Firecracker Red Camouflage, this Pro Angler stands ready to turn heads. The Ike 360 is equipped with the award-winning MirageDrive 360 with Kick-Up Fin Technology for unmatched power and total control on the water. The Mike Iaconelli Edition PA360 is the elite pedal fishing kayak for the elite angler. Feature-rich, with all the trappings that have come to be synonymous with Hobie fishing kayaks, H-Rail for unlimited accessory rigging, Guardian Retractable Transducer Shield for fishfinder protection, and a variety of storage options for all your rod setups. Custom EVA pads and branded graphics complete the bold look and specialized performance. The entire package is topped off with the ergonomic Vantage Seat for unrivaled, all-day comfort, whether you’re spending the day at your local honey hole or chasing lunkers in an elite kayak fishing tournament.  

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