Shade Shavers- No more lost glasses

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Shade Savers is a brand-new, revolutionary way to keep your glasses safe.

Whether you’re fishing, golfing, playing with the dog, or working hard Shade Savers™ system keeps your glasses secure – on top of your hat, tethered around your neck, or on the front of your shirt.

How Shade Savers Work

The Shade Savers™ molded earpieces and customizable headband fit most sunglasses and hats with collars. The headband worn inside your hat bonds instantly to the Shade Savers™ earpiece retainers installed on your glasses, preventing your glasses from falling off your hat.

Shade Saver Tether Included

The Shade Savers™ tether pops firmly into holes on the Shade Savers™ earpiece retainers, securing your glasses comfortably around your neck. The tether is removable and converts to a bracelet for easy access and storage.

Hang Your Glass on Your Shirt or Jacket

The coin-sized Shade Savers™ magnetic receiver bonds with the Shade Savers™ earpiece retainer inside your shirt to keep your glasses securely hooked to your collar, button band, or pocket. The magnetic receiver doubles as a golf ball marker and stores conveniently on a small magnet in your hat


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How Shade Savers Work
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