Made in Knoxville, TN

Use with or without the supplied tether 

Glow Tiger SmartFish

Glow Tiger SmartFish

The Kamooki SmartFish® features a smooth, laterally compressed bait fish body, and assumes a natural head-down, tail-up profile when its unique, precision engineered zinc keel rests on any structure. 
When retrieved, the SmartFish® displays a tight vibrating action with accentuated side to side tail wag motion. When the SmartFish® is vertically jigged, it vibrates as the rod tip is raised and slowly flutters down when the rod tip is dropped – all the while tracing forward in a circular pattern.
The astonishing properties of the SmartFish® are all utilized when fishing bottom structure. Bounce it along the bottom from one point to the next, allowing the bait to truly hug the contour being fished.
The single treble hook design attached to the tail, coupled with the constant vertical position, make the SmartFish® remarkably snag-resistant.

    • 4 inch add $3.00
    • 1.5 ft/s sink rate
    • 2.5 inch weigh 1/3 ounce
    • 3.0 inch weigh 1/2 ounce
    • 4.0 inch weigh 1.0 ounce
    • Precision engineered balance
    • Premium black nickel VMC® treble hook
    • Oval split ring
    • Freshwater/saltwater
    • Lead free and non-toxic

    Fishing baits are non-refundable.

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